This Robotic Arm 'Paints' By Plotting 5,000 Points Of Light

Image source: Vimeo

All it takes a is a high-precision robotic arm, a Kinect, and an RGB LED to create high quality, floating images of light. The correct term for this is called 'light painting' and it's a technique that involves a free moving light source that moves in front of a camera. The result of the free moving light is a streak that's sort of like a stroke on a painting canvas.

Students at Carnegie Mellon University have taken advantage of one of ABB's industrial robotic arms to create 3D light paintings using the 'light painting' method. The paintings, which consist of around 5,000 different plotted light points, where made with the help of a Microsoft Kinect sensor (for tracking) and a DSLR camera capturing long exposures. More information on this project can be found here. View the video below.

Source: The Creators Project