miBot, image source: Imina Technologies

In today’s world, nanotechnology is a new and emerging field of science. It deals with nano-sized materials so small that they’re invisible to the naked eye. Because of the minute size of nanotechnology, certain impediments arise. When performing tasks on a small scale (working under a microscope), humans aren’t that accurate and precise. As a solution, Imina Technologies has created the miBot. The miBot is a small robot (millimeters in size) that can help carry out functions when dealing on a small-scale. Moreover, this extremely light, untethered robot can help move tools, manipulate cells and accurately dissect mice brains in the same region every time.

Now the question is why would anyone want to own such a thing? I asked myself this question too and was surprised by the robot’s possibilities and potential. A majority of people (maybe even you) have experienced using a basic microscope in biology class. When dealing with such a device, positioning the specimens can be quite challenging. Other major obstacles that come with using a microscope include positioning the fine focus of the magnifier and changing the microscope’s stage elevation. Now how would you like a robot to take charge of your microscope and let you flow through your project of observing photosynthesis?

The miBot also has capabilities of measuring a nano-sized wires, carbon nanotubes, and even graphene flakes directly inside the vacuum cavity of a microscope. While manipulating materials using its small ‘needle arm,’ miBot doesn’t damage any samples or specimens placed under the microscope; lastly, all of its measurements are extremely precise. For more information on how miBot is aiming at helping scientists under the microscope, visit Imina Technologies’ website.

Original source: Imina Technologies