OpenCuriosity Is The World's First Open-Source, 1:5 Scale Curiosity Rover

Image source: Vimeo

A team of four has made it to the finals in NASA's International Space Apps Challenge. Their project, which was chosen out of 500 other projects, is OpenCuriosity. OpenCuriosity is an open-source, exomars rover project that allows robot hobbyists, makers, and hackers to have access to the rover's code and the information gathered by the rover. Additionally, anyone developer or researcher can contribute their designs and knowledge to the project. See video below.

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Right now, OpenCuriosity is equipped with a few Arduino boards and sensors. It also features a functional robotic arm, a miniature drill, and a high-powered laser. More is to come and we'll update this story as soon as we get more information.

Original source: Space Apps Challenge