Mirobot, The Kid-Friendly Robotics Kit, Rolls Past Funding Goal On Kickstarter

There seems to be a growing number of robotics kits that are aimed at getting kids interested in robotics at an early age. But it's still interesting to see what spawns on popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. Mirobot is the latest kid-friendly robotics kit that I've found and it's already raised $9,000 over it's 5K funding goal. And although there's been many robots like this one before, I still thought it would be nice if I covered a story on it. Whether it be price, availability, or simplicity, each of these robots has their own unique offering.

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Mirobot is a small, WiFi-enabled, and open-source robotics kit that kids can build and program themselves. It's easy to build and offers an easy to use programming environment that lets kids program their robot to draw shapes.

The building process for Mirobot isn't too difficult. To start, you simply snap together Mirobot's custom, laser-cut parts. Once the chassis is complete, it's time to integrate the electronics. This includes a basic battery pack, two motors, a programmable board, and a WiFi antenna. See photo below.

Now lets move on to the programming environment. Mirobot uses a custom programming interface that's a lot like Scratch. It's drag on drop so this allows kids to move blocks in a sequential order to control the robot. In addition, Mirobot's programming interface can be accessed anywhere with a WiFi connection. No cables needed!

The Mirobot robotics kit is also open-source. This means that all of Mirobot's files are made available and they can be modified to extend Mirobot's functionality. If you want to add your own board and sensors, you can do just that. Thanks for reading and more information can be found on Kickstarter and Mirobot's website.

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