Pocket-Sized Robot Prints As It Rolls Across Paper

Mars-black robot printer
Most of our technology has gone mobile, allowing for our favorite gadgets to travel with us and not remain on our desktops. This goes for phones, televisions, and even computers. One essential device, however, hasn't gone mobile and some could even argue that it's equally as important. It's the printer. However, by combining the technology behind the printer and small, mobile robots, Israel-based Zuta Labs has come up with the solution. Pocket Printer is a small robotic printer that can go wherever you go. It's small, portable, and it's using Kickstarter to land in the hands of the everyday consumer.

While the robot is small, it still packs the same functionality of a normal-sized printer into a small, portable package. Some of its features include omni-directional wheels for improved printing accuracy, a USB rechargeable battery, Bluetooth, and a printing speed of 1 page per minute. The robot also supports Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The robot supports both iOS and Android
The Pocket Printer features a rounded design with a sharp corner; this design allows the user to align the robot with the page's corner. Printing then begins when a sliding hatch on the bottom of the robot opens. After the hatch opens, the inkjet is revealed and the robot starts to roll across the paper left to right. The current version of the robot is capable of printing over 1000 pages per inkjet cartridge and runs for an hour on a single charge. Although it's currently limited to printing in grayscale, color printing may follow.

SimpleBotics recently contacted Zuta Labs through email. Their future plans for this portable, printing robot include, "adding sensors and maybe even color ink and having it print on any type of service." For now, "the price range will be about $240 retail price for the Mars-black printer." Personally, I believe this robot could revolutionize printing. The Pocket Printer would allow printing to be easier, more accessible, and portable! Visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information. Early backers who back this project now will receive a Mars-black printer for $180!