Robotiky Can Teach Your Kids How To Code Robots

Robotiky prototype 2, Image courtesy: Robotiky

Teaching your kids how to program robots doesn't have to be complicated. Robotiky, a new kickstarter-backed robot, is aimed at introducing robotics and programming to kids at an early age.

Similar to Play-i's Bo and Yana, Robotiky is designed to introduce robotics and coding to kids at an early age. To make coding less complicated, Robotiky will enable kids to program the robot via a simple and easy to use interface. This includes drag and drop icons that each have specific commands. When these commands are put together to form a sequential program, the robot comes alive. While the coding is drag and drop in the beginning, it slowly transitions over to text-based programming.

Apart from Robotiky's programming, Robotiky features an array of sensors and features. Light sensors allow the robot to see/track light, while the bump sensor can help Robotiky detect objects. The robot is also equipped with a line sensor to allow for line following. With a price lower than Bo and Yana and features that offer the same hands-on learning, this robot delivers more 'bang for your buck.' To support Robotiky, you can pledge using the Kickstarter tool on the right sidebar!