3 in 1 Robot, RoboWow, Can Clean Your Pool, Home, and Mow Your Lawn

This 'Jack of all Trades' domestic robot is truly the one and only robot you'll ever need. RoboWow, the world's first 3 in 1 robot, boasts that it can not only clean your floors, but clean your pool and then finish up by mowing your lawn. To overcome the great technical challenge of making a 3 in 1 robot, RoboMow had to overcome some great obstacles (literally).

As seen in the video above, RoboWow faced a plethora of challenges ranging from mode swaps to maneuverability hassles. The mode swaps would leave the robot thinking the carpet needs to be mowed while additional problems occurred when RoboWow was transitioning from pool to home. Stairs were not on RoboWow's side either. Fear not, as the company's perseverance, hard work, and determination led to RoboWow being the world's most advanced domestic robot. RoboWow is now the pinnacle of consumer robotics. No other robots surpass it except the ones that are actually real. What a bummer...

Source: YouTube