This Underwater Robot Could Help Find Flight MH370

It's been two weeks now and the missing plane of flight MH370 is still yet to be found. Many authorities from over a dozen countries have had no luck locating the missing plane. However, hope to find the missing MH370 plane could be in the hands of one robot.

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Capable of exploring depths of over 3 miles in the ocean, Remus 6000 is a 13ft long, sonar-equipped submarine robot that could potentially help in the search of the missing plane. Although not confirmed, the plane could have crashed into the Indian ocean. With this in mind, Remus could use its sonar (which can scan nearly half a mile from its current location) to help detect underwater debris from the plane. It may sound impossible, but it's not the first time. Remus 6000 located the Air France flight 447 which crashed into the ocean back in 2009. Though the institute behind the Remus has not been asked for help yet, they're still prepared to do so. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated with this robot and other robot related content.