WowWee Introduces MiP, Your Personal iPhone-Compatible Robot

Image courtesy: WowWee

As if robot zombies weren't enough, WowWee is back at it again with their new robot toys. MiP, as they call it, is the latest robot innovation from WowWee. It features a new Segway-inspired design, Bluetooth, and gesture-control technology. Additionally, MiP also has built in audio expressions that may remind you of Wall-e. As opposed to WowWee's previous remote-controlled robots, MiP will allow users to use their smart devices to take control through Bluetooth. Don't have an iPhone? You can also use MiP's new hand gesture technology for control too. 

Those features sound interesting, but the real fun comes in when users launch MiP's free app. Some of these app-enabled activities include driving the robot around, playing games with it, robot boxing, and even teaching MiP some dance moves. With a price tag of $119 however, MiP may seem like a pretty pricey, robotic toy. See video below.

Even though this product has already been revealed at CES, it's still not going to hit any of the store's shelves until later this spring. If you want to get your hands on one, you can pre-order one at and receive it later on in the spring.

Source: WowWee, YouTube