This Miniature, Industrial Robot Arm Could Be Your Desk-Companion

2 uArms sharing a drink of water

Inspired by ABB's PalletPack robot, uArm is an open source robotic arm that's highly functional and desktop-friendly. Controlled by an Arduino-compatible board, uArm can pick up objects, draw doodles, and can even play percussion instruments while sitting on top of your desk. How's that for a laser-cut robot that's thousands of dollars cheaper than ABB's? See video below.

Although this robot obtains its movement through traditional hobby servos, the uArm sets itself apart from other robots with its unique design. Like the ABB robot mentioned above, uArm is a parallel-mechanism robot. This means that most of its mass is at the base and this allows for more stable, agile movement. Excluding the gripper servos at the tip of the robot's arm, notice that there aren't any servos on the robot's actual arm. They're all hanging out back at the base of the robot.

At the moment, uArm can be controlled in three different ways. A computer mouse can be moved to control uArm's movement in all directions. Additionally, your keyboard or Arduino IDE can be used for more precise movement. uFactory also has plans for Android and iOS control.

Here's some awesome photos of what tasks the uArm can perform!


Robot desk lamp

Giving out business cards

No more homework!

uFactory, the company behind the uArm robot, plans to release all the specs later in May. This includes the code, hardware, and the designs of uArm. It's open source so anyone can make their own modifications to improve the robot. If you want uArm to be your next robotics project, please visit the campaign at!

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